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Disaster Inspires Japanese Designers: Generative Design & 3D Printing Create Relief Effort X VEIN Drone

The benefits of drones in efforts at disaster relief are well documented. The democratic nature of 3D printing and the growing numbers of people who……

US Naval Research Lab's Latest Version of Stackable CICADA Drone Features 3D Printed Fuselage

No matter the user level, 3D printing and drones seem to go hand in hand—and the technology just keeps progressing. From camera drones to cargocopters……

High-Resolution 3D Printing Meets Affordability with the D2K Insight 3D Printer, Now on Kickstarter

If you're interested in making your own high-quality 3D printed objects, but don't want to break the bank when buying a 3D printer, look no…

you can use this thread to post new high resolution printers that are affordbable for private users that want to have a 3D printer, that is capable of printing objects with resolutions that correspond to corporate high-industrial printers.

For example this one available at kickstarter now:
most advanced consumer grade 3D printer

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Torc2 Develops Reusable Material That Melts at Low Temperatures For Medical Applications - 3D Printing

Torc2 has developed a new material that is reusable because it can melt at low temperatures. The company is looking at the material as a…

MIT, Columbia researchers develop InstantCAD plug-in for rapidly optimizing 3D printable designs

Researchers at MIT and Columbia University have developed “InstantCAD,” a tool for interactively editing, improving, and optimizing CAD models with an intuitive workflow. The tool takes the form of a plug-in, and can be used with existing CAD software.


“Making CAD easier.” It’s a promise that every digital designer wants to hear, but few would believe possible. That’s why a new research project from Columbia University and MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)—who have adopted that very maxim for their project—is so exciting.

The researchers involved in the project have developed something called “InstantCAD,” a plug-in that allows users to grapple with CAD designs in real time using an intuitive workflow, and which could be particularly beneficial to users in aerospace, automotive, and robotics.

The university experts say the 3D design tool can be used to optimize and improve existing designs in order to arrive at an optimal product, letting users “interactively edit, improve, and optimize” their CAD designs in an intuitive and streamlined way.

And because InstantCAD is a plug-in, designers can simply incorporate the tool into their existing CAD software.

“From more ergonomic desks to higher-performance cars, this is really about creating better products in less time,” said Adriana Schulz, lead author on the study. “We think this could be a real game changer for automakers and other companies that want to be able to test and improve complex designs in a matter of seconds to minutes, instead of hours to days.”

InstantCAD can deliver on this impressive speed promise because of its complex cloud-based simulation capabilities. When designing a product, users do not to reel off multiple iterations and individually test them all in the traditional ways; instead, they can make small tweaks to certain parameters and find out the consequences of those adjustments in real time.

(Images: Rachel Gordon/MIT CSAIL)

This is because multiple geometric evaluations and simulations are run at the same time on a cloud platform.

But InstantCAD users can be even more hands-off if they feel like it, because they are ultimately given two ways to optimize their designs: interactive exploration, in which a user interface provides real-time feedback on how design changes will affect performance; and the more control-relinquishing “automatic optimization,” in which specific objectives and constraints are provided that the system will seek to achieve in the most effective manner.

Of course, it’s generally pretty hard to optimize designs automatically, due to the huge number of possible design options for a given part. However, the MIT and Columbia researchers think they have found a way around this problem.

“It’s too data-intensive to compute every single point, so we have to come up with a way to predict any point in this space from just a small number of sampled data points,” said Schulz. “This is called ‘interpolation,’ and our key technical contribution is a new algorithm we developed to take these samples and estimate points in the space.”

According to the plug-in’s creators, the uses for InstantCAD could be numerous, and the tool could even be used to create extremely complex systems like cars, planes, and robots—systems whose performance needs to be optimized to the highest degree for companies to be competitive in the market. It could also be used to optimize the strength and performance of 3D printed parts of various kinds.

“Our system doesn’t just save you time for changing designs, but has the potential to dramatically improve the quality of the products themselves,” said Associate Professor Wojciech Matusik, another author of the study. “The more complex your design gets, the more important this kind of a tool can be.”

InstantCAD could have uses for entry-level users too. According to the researchers, the intuitive workflow of the tool could make part optimization easier even for non-professional designers.

"In a world where 3D printing and industrial robotics are making manufacturing more accessible, we need systems that make the actual design process more accessible, too,” Schulz commented. “With systems like this that make it easier to customize objects to meet your specific needs, we hope to be paving the way to a new age of personal manufacturing and DIY design.”

Schulz’s paper was co-written by Associate Professor Matusik, PhD student Jie Xu, and postdoc Bo Zhu of CSAIL, as well as Associate Professor Eitan Grinspun and Assistant Professor Changxi Zheng of Columbia University. It can be read here. The researchers have provided a link to the source code and instructions for InstantCAD from this page.

Quelle: 3ders

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Insole maker Superfeet treads new ground with custom 3D printed ME3D insoles

Insole manufacturer Superfeet is entering the custom 3D printing insole market with its new ME3D products. The printed insoles are personalized and manufactured using HP…

TUM Studenten aus München bauen im Wettbewerb Flugmodelle mit der Vorgabe, dass alle Auftriebsflächen 3D gedruckt sein müssen.

TUM llt - Team Red - The Right Flyer -...


Did You Know You Can Turn a 2D Photo into a Printable 3D Model?

Do you have a favorite photo of a beloved pet or a special person that you'd like to see as a printable 3D model? This is……

How To Make a 3D Model from Photos in 5 Easy Steps

The scanning app that is mentioned in this blog post is not available for download anymore.  Click here to learn about the top 20 3D… Just released by PINSHAPE! Get it while it's HOT!

3D Printing Design Guide - From Idea To Profit | Pinshape

Learn how to make money selling your 3D Models with Pinshape’s 3D Printing Design Guide. Helping designers with ideation to creation & sales techniques!

Nehmt jetzt an einem neuen Design Contest teil!
Ultimaker verlost hier einen gratis 3D Drucker!

Contest: Design and 3D Print an Ornament, Win a Gift from Ultimaker! | Make:

Think you can 3D print the best holiday ornament? Share your design with the community and enter to win fun prizes from Make: and Ultimaker!

Apple has designed its own 3D printer:

An Apple 3-D printer could be in the works

A new patent reveals Cupertino's interest in selling the masses an Apple 3-D printer.…

ETH Zürich researchers achieve 3D printing of complex structures within '5D' space

Accessing 'five-dimensional' design space, researchers of Complex Materias at ETH Zürich have devised a 3D printing technique to produce composites with unparalleled microstructural features never……

Felix Printers stellt neuen 3D-Drucker Felix Pro 1 vor -

Der niederländische Hersteller bringt mit dem Felix Pro 1 ein neues Gerät auf den Markt. Der Dual-Extruder 3D-Drucker verfügt über automatische Kalibrierun

nside 3D Printing 2016 in Düsseldorf Save the Date:
24.- 25. Februar 2016

Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo


3D-Modell Suchmaschine

Suche nach 3D-Modellen im Internet und die Ergebnisse in 3D.

Neuer von Kickstarter finanzierter Homeprinter!

Kickstarter launched for MONO, smart 7-inch touchscreen 3D printer

Berlin-based 3D printing firm Mono Industries have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of their new touch-screen 3D printer. The Mono 3D printer,…

We found very good instructions for every newby to the basic topics on
- what is 3D printing?
- how does 3d printing work? and
- processes &...
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What is 3D printing? How does 3D printing work?

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file.

Cooler Bericht von Gartner!

Gartner Says Early Adopters of 3D Printing Technology Could Gain an Innovation Advantage Over Rivals

3D printing is disrupting the design, prototyping and manufacturing processes in a wide range of industries, according to Gartner, Inc. Enterprises should start experimenting with…

Hallo Zuasmmen,

ich würde gerne unseren süßen Filamentshop mit hinzufügen

bitte mal eine nachricht wie ich das hinbekomme

Printaholic Hallo Rene,
derjenige der den Shop dann verwalten soll, soll sich hier bitte registrieren.
Sobald er/sie sich registriert ist, soll er/sie auf...
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3 years ago
3Dprintscout Genau! u.a. kannst du auch unter Katalog deine Produkte via .CSV Import / Export hinzufügen. Hier auch noch ein Tutorial zum erstellen eines... Show more 3 years ago

Ermöglicht 17-Jähriger bald kostengünstigen Metall 3D-Drucker? -

Der siebzehnjährige Sagar Govani, aus Virginia (USA) hat einen 3D-Drucker Extruder entwickelt, der mit metallenem Filament arbeiten kann. Normalerweise wer

Miroculus Technology Brings 3D Printing to the Molecular Level With One-Step Cancer Diagnosis Device

With the uses of 3D printing abounding, there seems to be a shift on every level, including a molecular one. Miroculus, a startup composed of…

3Dprintscout is friends with Maruan…

Essen aus dem Drucker

Dieses Jahr kommen die ersten 3D-Drucker für Lebensmittel auf den Markt. Wird Kochen zur aussterbenden Kunst?

Wollt ihr einen Low Budget Drucker? Da habt ihr ihn:…

New Matter MOD-t: a 3D printer for everyone

New Matter makes 3D printing easy at only $249. Wireless connectivity. And an online store full of cool designs that you can buy, customize, print,……

3D-Printed Rocks Could Change Fracking Practices

Geologists are using 3D-printed rocks to study how oil and gas moves through underground rock and the research could have important implications for fracking.…

Made In Space 3D Printer Docks ISS - 3D Printing Industry

Made In Space has officially launched their Zero-G 3D printer into space, with the machine docking at the International Space Station September 23.…

Man Makes 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand For Son For Only $10 | IFLScience

Thanks to 3D printing, high quality prosthetic limbs are cheaper and easier to obtain than ever before.